Label UP!

What does the app do?

What the app does is to do page labelling for you. Label UP! is smart and it “reasons” the way you would. It analyses the content of the page, considers the information and evaluates what the content is about (don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe, we don’t look - see our Privacy policy). Based on that it gives you a list of top label suggestions which you can just accept with one single click and the page is labelled for you. Of course if you want to have more control and tune up the list of labels before applying it to the page, by all means. See our documentation for a full list of features.

And why you need this, you ask?

What’s the deal?

Have you ever created a page in Confluence and couldn’t find it a couple of days later? Did you search for it using words or pieces of phrases you thought you remembered writing in it? Have you ever wanted to find all relevant content to a specific topic and couldn’t because who puts labels on pages, right?

Label UP! is meant to solve exactly these problems and we could come up with more. The bottom line is that Confluence is a great tool. You create pages in it and everything seems nice and organized, in its spaces and page trees. You can be a master of keeping it that way, but the pages just keep piling up. There comes a day when you just don’t know where to go get a page directly and have to use the search.

Let’s zoom out a bit to a whole department or the whole company. If the people create content that just sits there and only little of it gets reused, that’s a real waste.

Choose not to bury your content!

Searching Confluence

Is it easier to remember what you wrote on the page (which you might have written on many other pages by the way) or roughly what the page was about? We think the latter. And that’s where labels come in handy. Besides, often we don’t search for a specific page. We search for content related to a topic.

Let me give you a couple of examples. Are you supposed to study a certain topic? Many of your colleagues already have and took notes. Why not give a look at all there is already?

Do you need to come up with a new unified template of a document you often produce and every department has a different idea? Why not just find them all easily so that you can inspect them and design the new one?

Or maybe, you want to use your existing content to create a knowledge base, either internal or for your clients.

The list of use cases might even be endless. They are basically use cases for “why do we need to know, where we have things”. We need it to navigate, safely and efficiently. And for that, we need labels.

Why don’t we label?

Often we don’t realize this until it’s too late, until we can’t find what we’re looking for, because we didn’t label it. Why? Let’s face it, it’s boring and it’s a loss of time. Sometimes it’s even difficult to find the right keywords that express the nature of a long document. At the time you finally finished it and are happy to be done. The idea of scrolling the whole thing again just to identify the most important points is extra work. So you don’t, even though you know you should.

Solution aka “what the app does”

See “What does the app do?” and to summarize: Label UP! makes labelling pages in Confluence smart and so easy that you will actually do it, which will help you and the others find what you wrote later on.

Where to get it

Label UP! is available for Confluence Cloud via Atlassian Marketplace. You can try it out for free.

Check it out


Explore the documentation of Label UP! to see all the features and get help using it. Click on the link below.

User Documentation

Important docs

Below you can find links to important documents related to the app. Be sure to check them out.

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